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Storage and Backup Services in Saudi Arabia

IRSAA enhances your core applications and networks through providing IT infrastructure services which meet the demand of your business’s needs. At the same time, these services align to the changing complexities and interconnectedness of business atmospheres keeping you one step ahead in the digital and online arenas.

Being a pioneer in business process outsourcing, our focus lies on creating efficient solutions which improves the functionalities of your business. We take holistic and integrated approach to this transformation and ensure that IT infrastructure supports the executional frameworks. Our end-to-end IT infrastructure services are designed to inspire excellence, maximize the potency of your investment, and align technological requirements with your organizational goals. Our core expertise is Oracle, Microsoft and Unix.

Discover the comprehensive range of IT infrastructure services that IRSAA has to offer and inspire the next now!

IRSAA’s Offerings:

  • Custom Cloud and Infrastructures.
  • Backup, Storage and Recovery Solution.
  • Network & Communications.
  • Hardware, Software and Data Center Solutions.
  • Security Software, Servers and Racks Solution.
  • Customized IT Solutions for SMEs
  • ERP Support.
  • Consultancy services in areas such as enterprise architecture definition, hardware and software landscaping and integration of business software.
  • Cyber Security Experts.
  • Connectivity Troubleshooting and Management of Network Services.
  • Enterprise Networking Services.
  • LINUX and LAMP Stack Administration.
  • Network Administration.
  • System Administration.
  • Performance and Availability Management.