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Cloud Based ERP in Saudi Arabia
Muftaah - Cloud Based ERP Solution in Saudi Arabia

MUFTAAH is a cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) portal that offers a wide range of Accounting and HR services for firms across the Kingdom. With technology developing faster than ever, IRSAA aims to bring convenience to your business operations by introducing Muftaah Cloud based ERP in Saudi Arabia. This system manages all financial transactions in a much more efficient manner than the aged manual systems. It even serves HR needs by providing effective payroll management.

How does Muftaah help?

It is affordable

Budget friendly yet systematic operations is one of the primary goals of most firms. Muftaah Cloud based ERP in Saudi Arabia aims to reduce costs for your business while also improving the functionality of your systems.

It does so by automating the company’s previously manual accounting and HR processes to cut costs by reducing the need for human capital.

Secondly, because Muftaah ERP is entirely cloud based, it can be accessed and monitored over the Internet, which has a lower upfront cost due to need-based leasing.


The right ERP approach can create the transparency your service company requires. It helps firms monitor and control tasks from a single main source thereby ensuring smooth operations. ERP also acts as a complete storage unit, allowing all data to be maintained in a singular location. This ensures easy management and tracking of valuable data.

Lastly, our service lets you effectively manage all monetary transactions, verify your customer’s entries and invoices, and monitor several bank accounts.

Functional & Systematic

MUFTAAH cloud-based ERP in Saudi Arabia helps you make informed decisions and stay on top of your business. It can be customized based on your requirements and provide optimal functionality for all of your firm’s processes including staffing, client billing, contact management, revenue recognition and profitability analysis.

MUFTAAH even allows you to obtain demand forecasts via ERP’s proficient reporting capabilities. This helps increase profits and creates additional client value.

Relevant to all Industries

Muftaah emphasizes on meeting the demands of a diverse clientele base across the Kingdom. We provide solutions to firms belonging to all industries – be it a small startup or large corporations. In all of our processes, IRSAA’s main objection is to provide high-quality systems to every client.

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