Fixed Assets Management

Fixed Asset Management in Saudi Arabia

Answering all your questions on fixed assets management.

Minimize fixed asset costs and maximize asset lifetime value with IRSAA’s fixed assets management services.

Keep track of all your assets without spending heavily on costs. Have a record of all your fixed assets in one place without losing data. The management of fixed assets is critical – firms often find themselves stuck wondering where their fixed assets are or if they are being maintained. IRSAA offers to answer all those questions for you.

Every firm’s fixed assets management is different – whether you are an SME with a small sized fixed asset inventory or a global enterprise with a large physical inventory – IRSAA makes every complexity simple.

In addition to efficient functioning of these resources, there are certain software and technical requirements which need to be addressed so that the systems are operating without any issues. Also, there is a requirement of training the employees responsible for operating the systems. IRSAA offers a holistic Fixed Assets Management service incorporating all the aspects of system to assure that the organization can trust us as their partner in taking care of their valuable resources.

Our plan starts with an in-depth assessment of your fixed assets – from counting the number of assets to understanding what each one is about, to conducting analysis and studying fixed asset schemes, we leave no stone unturned.

Every fixed asset has its own shelf to be placed at – IRSAA categorizes your assets next according to the analysis performed and the procedures conducted. By the end of this step, all your fixed assets are organized on one big shelf so that you know what goes where too.

Keeping track of a large volume of fixed assets is harder than it seems and being organized helps. With our tagging system and barcoding process, monitoring each item becomes easy. Each tag will include all the necessary details so that no information is misplaced.

For the final step, the record created of your fixed assets will be matched with your existing asset register. The end result is one clean asset list easy for your business to follow. With all your fixed assets in one place with a user-friendly method of keeping track, IRSAA gives you the final result – management made easy.


Fixed assets management is vital to any organization – it reduces downtime, keeps track of existing and future assets, and helps mitigate any fixed asset losses. With your assets being monitored 24/7, risks of theft are reduced because you know what is going in and what is going out.

Be efficient, effective and resourceful. Gain statuses on your fixed asset that is error-free and updated at all times.

Fixed Asset Management in Saudi Arabia