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ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia

ERP Solutions

Transforming Ways

IRSAA has gathered expertise to create continuously apt and innovative ERP Solutions in multiple business arenas across the GCC region. With the constant aim of creating efficiency and cost effectiveness in business operations, the multiple IT and ERP based technologies are making tasks simpler. Such management outsourcing services helps you integrate your focus and resources to achieve your short-term and long term goals.

Managing Core Functions

If you are a small, medium enterprise, IRSAA’s services can add value by taking you a step ahead of your competition. Through involvement of Enterprise Resource Planning software such as Muftaah, we are providing a cloud-based medium managing all business processes ranging from finances, employees, salaries, inventory, sales, purchase, etc. These services are available in Software as a service (SaaS) which eliminates the expense of Hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support. Moreover, SaaS model includes flexible payments (pay as you go mode).

ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia

CRM Solutions

Interacting with Customers

Customer touchpoints are crucial to any enterprise and IRSAA is oriented in the provision of CRM support in all business areas. It centrally focuses on initiatives that increase sales, boost productivity, generate revenue and improve customer management. Our support systems provide the employees with the ability to create, assign and align requests made by customers which in turn reduces operational costs and gives ample time for marketing.

HRMS Solutions

Serving as your one-stop online resource center – IRSAA’s seasoned team of professionals is trusted by companies across the Kingdom to design and implement HRMS solutions that make HR-related tasks seamless, efficient and effortless. From payroll disbursement, performance review, goal setting and administration of regulations to talent management, our HRMS solutions allow you to automate HR activities in an intelligent, secure and user-friendly manner.

ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia
ERP Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Business Intelligence

Making informed decisions

IRSAA offers Business Intelligence helps leverages on software and services so that actionable insights can be gathered from a pool of unstructured data. It helps in the extraction of significant information and facts so that companies are enabled to:

  • Make informed strategic decisions.
  • Improving operational efficiency.
  • Business productivity.

While ERP focuses on doing the day to day operations, on the other hand, implementation of BI without disturbing HRMS operation helps in decision making, analyzing data, visualizing and summarizing management related information.