Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance (AGRC) Services

Internal Audit

Internal audit services offered by us means providing key facilities:

  • Monitoring, assessing and analyzing organizational risk management and controls by internal auditors.
  • Reviewing and confirming information and compliance with policies, procedures, and laws.
  • Provide assurance that risks are mitigated and the organization’s corporate governance is effective and strong.
  • Give recommendations for enhancing processes, policies, and procedures for improving the possible areas.

Audit, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services Saudi Arabia
Audit, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services Saudi Arabia


Our value-added services comprise of following significant features:

  • Stay up-to-date about the new rules and regulations.
  • Reform the governance structure to incorporate the latest laws.
  • Ensure that governance standards are followed by an organization.

Risk Management

IRSAA’s team of experts undertake a detail study about the potential risks which can have a possible impact on an entity and develop a risk management framework to mitigate the potential risk without impacting the business performance. IRSAA undertakes the following steps to ensure an effective risk management system is in place:

  • Get a detailed insight about risk drivers which can affect your business value and reputations.
  • Assessment, analysis, and reputation.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of risk responses.

Audit, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services Saudi Arabia
Audit, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services Saudi Arabia


Our professionals have adequate knowledge about corporate governance and they combine system and process benchmarking to ensure compliance of an organization’s governance system with the relevant rules and regulations. IRSAA compliance services imply that it covers the following crucial features:

  • Interpret and comply with the regulations.
  • Identify and define requirements and implementation strategies.
  • Develop and employ the technologies and business practices which ensure compliance on a continuing basis.

Outsource audit and compliance services for organizational efficiency.

A long-term strategic focus requires companies to ensure that strict audit, governance, risk and compliance services measures are undertaken. Being the top tier business process outsourcing company in Saudi Arabia, we work with our clients to assure that the highest level of integrity is maintained within the business framework.

IRSAA consultants follow a systematic approach to carry out audit procedures, risk management and statutory compliance. Our experts ensure that an exceptional level of compliance and governance service is provided with the aim of managing operational activities within regulations.

Challenges faced by the companies

Organizations may be facing one or all of the challenges regarding audit and statutory compliance:

  • Lack of experience for process management form first step to final recommendation i.e. audit and compliance requirements.
  • Resource shortage for management of initial and ongoing complexities of the auditing system.
  • Lack of experienced and qualified auditors.

Leverage the outsourcing cost

Due to the accelerating number and complexity of regulations, shortage of talent and pressure of reducing operating costs, organizations are looking for alternative sourcing strategies. IRSAA’s outsourcing Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance Services are worthwhile solutions for availing professional audit and compliance services.

Since our audit methodology is world-class, we have expertise in offering excellent risk management and compliance services. All compliance issues are recognized, risk management is strengthened and even business objectives are met with the guidance of our experts. Also, the resources are efficiently utilized by undertaking strategic auditing of the current areas of risk.

Audit, Governance, Risk & Compliance Services Saudi Arabia