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Data Processing in Saudi Arabia

Manage your information more efficiently with IRSAA's Data Processing

The organizational structure of a business is as good as its data consistency. Use the flow of information in taking key decisions and making strategic changes with IRSAA’s data processing services. Convert large volumes of unorganized data into neat visual, tabular or textual information. The arrangement and organization of data affects the functioning of a business and its information systems — thus, making IRSAA’s data processing a vital service to outsource.

Handling data in large volumes and not compromising on the quality of information are just a couple of virtues that IRSAA follows when managing your data for you. Your information systems are safe with our integrated security and safeguard protocols. The use of data deduplication guarantees the elimination of redundant data and integrate it into batches — IRSAA keeps track of all the information flow allocated.

Most difficult to manage is raw data, in large volumes, it takes up unnecessary amounts of time — with IRSAA’s vocational data processing services, there’s a solution for everything. IRSAA works in forms processing, order processing, mailing list compilation and all levels of data entry and scanning. The ultimate goal is to capture and manage information to create spreadsheets and databases for better business access.

IRSAA has compiled and collected document management tools that operate in global standards. Including but not limited to imaging and scanning technologies that can handle highly complex publishing solutions. A dedicated team of researchers and editors at IRSAA will analyze and study relevant data to provide conclusions that aid key decisions in the business. Data analysis reports, validation and summarization — all services available under the one outsource of IRSAA’s data processing.

Why Outsource Data Processing?

Timely analysis of data can shed light on valuable information which can give an opportunity to an organization to take proactive action. Realizing the fact that data entry or fieldwork requires a lot of time and is considered a repetitive task – data processing is often overlooked by the organization.

IRSAA provides Data Processing outsourcing service; the purpose is to offer an organization a profitable solution that will assist it in having access to reliable and accurate data.

  • High-quality service results –

    Professional, proficient, well trained and competitive employees will ensure that the company’s growth is fast. Outsourcing firms act as strategic partners who can effectively meet the requirements of all sizes of companies i.e. small, medium and large on a global level.

  • Enhanced Security –

    Only reliable, durable and efficient software tools are utilized to assure that the client’s information is protected and secured. The safety and confidentiality of the customers is one of our top most priorities.

  • Magnify Productivity –

    Business Process Outsourcing has become the leading in-demand partner for the majority of the organizations globally. Such allies are needed to enhance the Administration, IT, Financial, Digital Marketing, Compliance and other functions of a business. Moreover, the partners will assure that service quality is maintained and amplified for managing the organization’s performance.

  • Managing Operational Cost –

    Outsourcing the data processing system can save up to 70% of the payroll cost.


Our clients depend on our claim management services and administrations in order to receive assistance in continuing any tasks and operations they have going on in the fastest demeanor possible. In addition to this, our claim management services also help limit the recurrence and seriousness of their claims and minimize a huge portion of their total cost of risk (TCOR).

IRSAA’s case backing and guaranteed counseling services can also assist clients with ensuring convenient recuperation from misfortune and adequately oversee day by day issues related to claims.

The process of claim management is an amalgamation of:

  • Consistent background checks to prevent fraud.
  • Enlisting the claim or case notice. This can be done through email, phone or even the web. Once the claim is registered, a client record opens up consequently.
  • Going through the cover and spread to figure out if the harm that has been done is guaranteed or not. If it is, the next step is to figure out what the sum is. There is a strict requirement of archives, such as medicinal reports if there has been an occurrence of damage to the body, police reports of street mishaps, solicitations, and so on.
  • Figuring out who is responsible for the harm in the event that there is more than one party involved in the claim.
  • If important, the next step is deciding the measure of the claim and connection with an agent who deals with loss and misfortune adjusting.
  • Ensuring that the guaranteed party has been paid their claim.
  • Providing information to the client, who is also the supplier of insurance. In addition to this, the board data also needs to be kept in the loop because it showcases the advancement of each and every one of their cases, documents and the aggregate sums to be saved and paid.

Our tech-savvy framework designed to manage and announce claims empowers prompt electronic alerts to business sectors, with return affirmations. In order to assist the client with limiting their general program costs, IRSAA works to build up a case administration plan that is reliable and incorporates tweaked extraordinary case management guidelines in every showcase.

IRSAA plans formal case surveys with information on the planning of experience alteration computations, changes related to the program, guarantee audits, and program reestablishments.

Data Processing in Saudi Arabia