Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting Services

As the first outsourcing company, IRSAA offers a wide range of Finance, bookkeeping and accounting services for small business, medium, and large sized enterprises in Saudi Arabia.

Today’s fast-changing business challenges require a team of experts that’s fully clued into market dynamics to ensure our clients receive the very best services to support their unique business needs.

IRSAA Finance leaders has the capability to initiate strategic initiatives. Depending on the company’s needs and expectations, we will exert a way to implement the outsourcing process through In-bound services, accounting supervision, and managed services.

Bookkeeping Services:

Will offer a systematic and comprehensive recording of all transactions related to the business. Our objective is to provide an integrated financial report and accounting activities, which aims to provide insight about the resources used or affected by an organization.

Moreover, through in-bound accounting we will assist any company in cutting costs and mitigate any chaotic work the company is encountering by providing solution to any problem.

Accounting Supervision:

After the periodic account reports, the account supervisor visits the client and reviews the accounting books, analyze the financial statements, strength and weakness, verify all transactions to adjust and reconcile with the bank and give recommendations on how to reduce expenses and improve profits.

  • Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting Forensic
  • Litigation Support
  • Bank Financing
  • Trade Financing
  • Consultation

Fixed Asset Management answers the following:

  • Where the firm’s assets are lying?
  • Knowing the true values of your firm’s assets?
  • How are the assets maintained?


  • Fair statement of fixed assets
  • Easier in making decisions
  • Helps to ensure that errors or misappropriations will be prevented or detected quickly
  • Better internal control


Finance and Accounting Services

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