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When it comes to IT services in Saudi Arabia, IRSAA is your number one top service provider. As far as technology has been integrated into business to bring us this far, we have perfected the art of IT into every area of business. With our expertise, we provide our clients with the tools they require to solve complex problems, mitigate growth in terms of scalability, and successfully increase IT business efficiency and productivity. At IRSAA we specialize in;

IT Infrastructure and Network Service

As many companies are continuously introducing IT into the organization, more technology means more equipment. Before you even get to the software, the installation of the hardware has to be immaculate and blend in with the organization of your company.

There are a few IT infrastructure services companies in Saudi Arabia. Undoubtedly, we have a diverse team of skilled individuals who make IRSAA the best among IT infrastructure Solutions companies in Saudi Arabia.

IRSAA ensures all your physical infrastructure components such as servers, network devices, and any other back-office equipment are well taken care of. IRSAA offers Infrastructure Hosting services where we provide the physical housing of the client’s server, storage and communications infrastructure in a secure environment within the client’s data center or server room.

We do maintenance of the Client's data center, fire and emergency services, and maintain cooling infrastructure such as HVAC that is provided by independent vendors. IRSAA provides backup services in Saudi Arabia such as System Back up, data backup uninterrupted power supply (UPS). We carry out installation of hardware in the data center, maintain the operational manual where we can implement policies and Procedures. Furthermore, we organize Power Distribution Management (PDU), and IT equipment and proper leveling. We also manage and maintain the Standard Access Control system.

Amongst all networking companies in Saudi Arabia, IRSAA stands out by providing exceptional network managed services. We manage, configure, and provide services for all network equipment. Our team will design, maintain and support your network and communications infrastructure to deliver consistent, highly available services to the business. back up network devices configuration, manage and audit security and access control, and generally monitor the network for you.

IT Managed Service

According to the requirements of our clients, IRSAA has the best IT managed services in Saudi Arabia. We basically provide IT outsource services in Saudi Arabia in order to allow us to manage our customers’ servers, applications, cloud, backups and more. We are the best IT solutions company in Saudi Arabia offering managed service where all we do is to take responsibility of the functionality of the IT service and equipment

Instead of relying on a single employee who may or may not be with your firm for the long-term, hire an entire team of technological experts from IRSAA to handle your managed IT services. Our technical experts can expand and grow along with your business needs

We are among the IT support companies in Saudi Arabia offering managed services. However, what makes us stand out from the rest is that we aim at ensuring that the proper elements and commitments are in place to provide consistent IT service support and delivery to the customer(s) by the service provider(s).

Our services include:

  • Infrastructure and systems management services – administration of the information technology systems in the company’s data center
  • Preventative maintenance for Information Technology and desktop role services
  • Monthly system health check and reporting
  • Physical server Co-location services and management (Physical Server Hosting)
  • Email services/management
  • Hosting management - email, server, SharePoint, cloud data, etc.
  • Backup management solution
  • IT Support or help desk outsourcing
  • Manage providers, distributors, consultants and thought leaders and facilitate collaboration among experts in the managed services field

Information Security Services

The aim of any IT security management firm is to minimize the risk and ensure business continuity by taking charge and limiting the impact of a security breach.

By providing cyber security solutions in Saudi Arabia, we look at the bigger picture where we, first of all, understand the kind of security risk you are facing. We basically do a sweep up of all the areas that can attract vulnerability.

There are many cyber security companies in Saudi Arabia. IRSAA provides a more-inclusive secure package that looks into internal and external structured and unstructured threats to achieve confidentiality, integrity and maintain organizational control.

We monitor security policies across multiple security functions including firewall, VPN, IPS, anti-virus, anti-bot, threat emulation, threat extraction, DLP, URL filtering and application control implemented by vendors. We view logs and trends, track events, monitor activity, generate reports, and distribute software and signature updates.

IT Business Solutions

Businesses in the GCC region have grown immensely due to IT. IRSAA provides the best project management solutions in Saudi Arabia.

For ERP solutions in Saudi Arabia, we develop Muftaah, which is a cloud-based ERP solution for managing all business process relating to finances, employees, salaries, inventory, sales and purchases etc. to small and medium enterprises. Our solutions are created to help you drive better management, accounting and business productivity and efficiency, also cost effective as this services are available in Software as a service (SaaS), This eliminates the expense of Hardware acquisition, Provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support. Other benefits of SaaS model include Flexible payments (pay as you go model).

We have been serving ERP and CRM solutions in Saudi Arabia. We are able to organize your marketing efforts, sales processes and sales force to get an insight into the customer behavior to maximize revenue generation potentials.

Document management is how your organization stores, manages and tracks its electronic documents, we offer Document Management Systems (DMS) to meet not only the existing requirements of the business but also the future requirements effectively as the company grows further. This is because document management has become a tedious, time-consuming and a mundane job for many businesses especially for those who deal with multiple vendors, associates and support businesses.

We offer Business Intelligence which is a set of tools that helps extract crucial facts from a vast amount of unstructured data and transform them into actionable information that enables companies to;

  • make informed strategic decisions,
  • improving operational efficiency,
  • business productivity

Business Intelligence (BI) uses data prepared and driven from many other data resources like ERP and others.

Since ERP focuses on doing the day to day operations, on the other hand, implementation of BI without disturbing ERP operation, will help in decision making, analyzing data, visualize and summarize management required information

Web Services and Solutions

Web services have been around for a while now. But not many companies have the proper skill and mandate to achieve customer satisfaction. We have services ranging from;

a) Web Development

Out of all the web development companies in Saudi Arabia, IRSAA is the best. We develop the web application in a variety of programming languages including; Python, PHP, HTML, Perl, JavaScript and Ruby. Based on our customer's needs, we provide an end product that allows your visitors to search for information quickly and easily in rich content sites. This type of Web application gives visitors the ability to search, organize, and navigate in the way they see fit. Examples include: corporate Internet networks, Microsoft MSD

b) Web Design

As a web design and development company in Saudi Arabia, we ensure that the design of your websites are the key to capture the mind of your visitors in Saudi Arabia. We conduct UX and UI strategies to ensure the design meets the needs of the company for its customers.

c) Digital Marketing

Conducting business online has been the new way to trade. This has immensely affected businesses that are still on old traditional ways.

If one is looking to advertise their products on the internet, choosing the best digital marketing companies in Saudi Arabia can be quite a task as many of them appear to follow the rules right up to the letter. However, with IRSAA, you can be assured of our expertise.  We can advertise your products on the internet or social media, because of our experience in digital advertising. Plus we provide you with detailed reports on how well is the ad doing and the users response to it.

We apply techniques such as Search Engine Optimization to boost traffic and visibility of your website. One way to boost this is also by conducting Search Engine Advertising where we boost advertisements to appear on search engine results.

d) Ecommerce Website Development

We provide end to end ecommerce solutions to small, medium and large scale companies. Compared to other Ecommerce development companies in Saudi Arabia, our focus is to create appealing Ecommerce website templates with meticulously placed images and compelling content. Our efforts are focused on generating productive Returns on Internet (ROI) for your online business.

Our team of talented Ecommerce developers make the best use of diverse Ecommerce systems in delivering innovative, result oriented and responsive e-commerce solutions. We are dedicated to providing responsive design, support guest checkouts, ensuring optimum security and optimizing site performance.

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