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IRSAA: Business Process Outsourcing Services

IRSAA was established in 2008, and the first professional company of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to offer Business Process Outsourcing services and provide comprehensive solutions from consulting to complete outsourcing.

We at IRSAA consider ourselves as a business partner and not just as a business process outsourcing vendor and we make every effort to understand the entire scope before we propose solutions to our clients. Our goal is to work effectively as your back-office outsourcing company, providing all the services under our ability to ensure your success.

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BPO Outsourcing Saudi Arabia

Why you should outsource your Accounts?

Managing a business, whether it be a start-up, small, large or even an entrepreneurial endeavour is a challenging task, especially in terms of accounting. Managing the accounts of any type of business requires a high level of concentration to ensure accuracy, as well as being a time-consuming activity......

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BPO Outsourcing Saudi Arabia

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

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